The Voices In Your Head . . .











                            Andy Rice - A recovering workaholic, Andy now finds time for long, romantic walks in the park, candlelight dinners with his family and large-caliber Magnum handguns.




                      Chris "Bull" Brom -Well, he sort of just showed up one day and we put him on the air and the

                         rest, as they say, is history.  He stuck around, and we've all gotten kind of used to him.  Hear him afternoons.






                        Janice Schieffer - Janice is on mid-days - she's from Nebraska but we don't hold that against  her.  She also does the Coffee Break every afternoon!







                               Dorothy Unrein - Often the only voice of reason on the Morning Circus. 






Harold Unrein - Likes long, slow maintainer rides in the country, can rope anything that moves, and hopes to someday marry a hot mama who can wrestle a steer (oh - never mind - he already did that - see the picture above!)  In his spare time, Harold provides the folks of Logan County with a road report on KPMX!











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